I’d had enough so I killed him

I’d had enough so I killed him’ is a theatre/dance solo inspired by the life of Maya Angelou, an Afro American woman who fought her life as an activist and feminist for black women of America . Maya Angelou is mainly known for being a writer and a poet. 

A search for being, seeing and wanten to be seen. 

A search for identity, security and strength. 

A search for conviction and being judged. 

Powerful, condemnable, vulnerable and judgmental.

This solo is part of the ‘Flying solo’ traject at ‘RightAboutNowINC and will premiere at the Right About Now Festival in March 2019.

Performances & residencies:

  • Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2018

  • KVS Brussel 2018

  • Urban Sources Groningen 2018

  • Manchester Contact Festival 2019

  • Brighton Fringe Festival 2019